Rita Karam, a Lebanese artist, started her career as a fashion designer before moving to Italy in the early '90s where she explored and experimented in different forms of art. Now a Dubai based artist , Rita has grown a distinct perspective of her  surrounding       environment  illustrated in her work with an abstract expressionistic flare. Eager to see the outcome, she trusts her impulses to guide the process, leaving lines and texture spin the impression. The end result is an original work that depicts a unique journey.

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Peace&Love Series

 "When the power of love overcomes love of power the world will know peace."

Acrylic on canvas


Where my heart belongs

Acrylic on canvas

Yin & Yang Series

Two halves that together complete wholeness

Acrylic on paper


Memoires d'enfance

Acrylic on canvas

From above

Close your eyes, follow my steps and see the world from an eagle eye.

Acrylic on canvas

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